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Natural Synergy Facials: Passionate About Your Unique Skin using RHEA COSMECUETICALS

“Rhea’s core is the essential belief that each skin is unique and one of a kind, so there are no standard solutions which can meet your needs RHEA becomes a dress, tailored to fit our skin, an exclusive combination of cosmetic actions to help the customer play an active, leading role in her cosmetic treatment. Rhea’s cabin products are multi-sensory neuro-aesthetic stimulation and high preforming. Welcome to a heightened sensory and targeted treatment.”

Zen Facial - 75 mins - $140

Our signature customized Anti-Aging Facial with powerful copper and olga peptides, Rhea’s signature Concrete Wax (ceramides to improve skin barrier) and EGF’s(Epidermal Growth Factors) Your skin will radiate and glow. Featuring a Double Cleanse, AHA Exfoliating Treatment, Extractions, High Frequency treatment to destroy any bad bacteria and infuse the skin with oxygen, Targeting Mask Treatment and Hydration with Rhea’s unique Venom (tightening) and HyalFil (hydration and plumping) peptides. Succumb to the relaxation with a soothing scalp, hand arm, face and décolleté massage as you Mask and Hydrate.

Rejuvenating Facial / Executive Facial - 60 mins - $120

A tailored facial experience with RHEA’s powerful peptides, EGF’s hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Each stage of the facial is accompanied by a PROCOMPLEX to act as the active ingredients in your skin care. This facial features a Double Cleanse, Toning, AHA Exfoliating Treatment, Extractions, Face and Décolleté massage, Concentrated Mask and powerful Hydration with Rhea’s unique Venom (tightening) and HyalFil (hydration and plumping) peptides. Relax and indulge your senses with this facial. Includes face, neck, décolleté, hand arm massage.

Express Facial - 45 mins - $80

A quick, relaxing express facial that includes all the basic necessities to get your skin conditioned for each season. This tailored facial is great for teens or as an intro into skin care and rejuvenation.

RHEA Add-On’s

High Frequency: a technology that is effective for treating acne, and rejuvenating this skin with O3. This unique service is used after extractions to clean the pore, eliminate blackheads and revive the skin.

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