Massage Treatment Room at Natural Synergy Day Spa Parksville

Lash Services in Parksville, BC

We are certified through Enlightened Lashes located in Vancouver, BC. We love that they are approved by the Beauty Council of Canada and use 80% less chemicals in their medical-grade glue. Their aftercare line is approved by Health Canada.

Cruelty-Free. Weightless. Platinum Quality.

Lash extensions are the “eye-candy” of treatments. Take a look at our services below and find the best one for you.

We offer 2 looks Classic and Volume Lashes. Take a peak at our album.

Before each appointment begins, allow 3 minutes for a brief consult, on the desired look, length and curl of our lash. Our lash technicians will be monitoring the health of your natural lashes. Always come to your appointment make-up free. Your lash technician will give you after care instructions.

Classic Lashes are applied one-to-one with Premium Faux Mink Lashes.

Au Natural: 1 hour appointment time and gives you a light, natural look. We match curl and length to your own natural lashes. 45-50 lashes per eye Great for those who normally don’t wear mascara or desire a lighter look

Glamor: 1.5 hour appointment time. This is our mascara look. We begin to work within the layers of your lashes given you that perfect, thick, camera-ready mascara look,. 60-70 per set VaVoom: 2 hour appointment. This look is a full set, every lash, excluding your baby lashes, has a lash extension, given you a natural, full, weightless set.

*Timing may vary based on the years of experience of your lash technician

Volume Lashes or Russian Lashes: Step beyond conventional one-on-one eyelash extensions to achieve even more volume. It is a revolutionary advanced technique that uses even lighter and finer lashes to add multi-dimensional volume. Volume lashes are extremely lightweight, allowing the stylist to apply 2-4extensions per natural lash, or 200-750 extensions per eye! Volume Lashes 1 hour appointment: This is our natural set look, best for those with a sparse lash line and want to add fullness and depth to their look.

Maxed Out Mink 1-2 hour appointment: Our full set of lashes, if you have lighter colored lashes and desire a thicker, fuller look, this is what we recommend. LUSH lash line of feather-light, fluffy, voluminous & soft lashes while still maintaining the health of your natural lashes.


For lighter looks we recommend a fill every 2 weeks. We offer fills in various times to accommodate your life schedule. If you desire a tint with your lash extensions, please have it done 48 hours before your appointment.

  • 30 minute fill: 35.00
  • 45 minute fill: 56
  • 60 minute fill 75

Volume Fills

  • 45 minute $71.25
  • 60 minute 95.00

Save 10% with every rebooking on the same day of your appointment