Thai Massage at Natural Synergy Day Spa Parksville

Thai Massage & Pre / Post Natal Massage in Parksville, BC

Traditional Thai Massage, also called Thai Yoga Therapy, Nuad Phaen Boran or Nuat Thai, is a therapeutic technique that dates back over 2500 years. Its precise origins are unknown, but service providers traditionally refer back to Sangha, personal physician, a friend and physician to the Buddha and renowned as a healer in Buddhist tradition. Ancient Thai Medicine Practitioners used massage to restore the flow of energy through the body. Thai Massage is a deep full-body treatment using yoga style stretches, broad pressure applied with palms and forearms, and pressure points stimulated with elbows and fingertips.

Thai massage has physical, mental and emotional benefits. Detoxification, improvement in body alignment, preventive against illness and alleviates degenerative diseases, slows the aging process, help improve mental clarity and calm your mind from environmental and cognitive stresses.

We offer two options table massage or traditionally on a mat. Please, wear loose yoga clothing for your appointment.

Thai massage is great for pre-natal or post-natal massages.

Thai Massage

Thai is offered in 60 and 90 minute increments

60 Minute Thai Massage - $100

90 Minute Thai Massage - $140

Pre / Post Natal Massage

60 Minute Pre / Post Natal Massage - $100

Contraindications of Thai Massage:

(Again consult your doctor first)

  • Viral conditions (ie: cold & flu)
  • Diabetes
  • High or low BP
  • COPD or serious heart conditions or wearing a pacemaker
  • Asthma
  • Injuries (both old or recent) and major or minor surgery
  • ** Tell your service provider if you are prenatal/postnatal, or have low flexibility so they can adjust the treatment to your needs

* Please Note applicable taxes and Gratuities are extra. Thank you.

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